Pantheon Surgical


The Trident Anchored Cervical Interbody Fusion Device (ACI) is a cervical implant with an integrated anchor. The device is to be used with supplemental fixation, i.e. an anterior cervical plate. The implant is titanium with a PEEK radiolucent spacer and has an anchor component.

An ACI Inserter is used to insert the implant and advance the separate anchor component into the adjacent vertebral bodies. During advancement, the titanium anchor moves toward the posterior of the implant deflecting under the constraint of the ramp. Upon continued deformation, the anchor members curve out of the profile of the implant and can then pierce adjacent vertebral bodies. The anchor blades are plastically deformed in this manner and therefore retain their curvature post-deployment. The implant includes four locking lugs that interface with the anchor, once deformed. The anchor deploys under these lugs, thereby fixing the anchor to the implant. The locking lugs serve as a backstop that prevents separation of the anchor from the implant unless the anchor is physically retracted with the retraction tools. The retraction tools provide the needed mechanical advantage to overcome the curved shape of the anchor and pull it back under the locking tabs.